Norway has issued a blunt threat to Brazil that if rising deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is not reversed, its billion-dollar financial assistance will fall to zero. The leaders of the two nations meet in Oslo on Friday. The oil-rich Scandinavian nation has provided $1.1bn to Brazil’s Amazon fund since 2008, tied to reductions in the rate of deforestation in the world’s greatest rainforest. The destruction of forests by timber and farming industries is a major contributor to the carbon emissions that drive climate change and Norway views protecting the Amazon as vital for the whole world. The rate of…
Opponents of unbridled development of Brazil’s Amazon region scored a victory this week when environmentalists fronted by supermodel Gisele Bundchen persuaded President Michel Temer to veto legislation that would have removed protections on more than 1 million acres.
Brazil's biggest ever initial public offering kicked off with a whimper instead of a bang as shares of the Brazilian unit of Spanish bank Santander edged lower in their trading debut.
GuardiCore, a leader in internal data center security and breach detection, today announced that Santander Brasil, the largest subsidiary of Santander Group, has selected GuardiCore's Centra Security Platform to provide advanced data center security.
Rio based volunteer organization IKPVA offers volunteer programs in Nepal. Causes range from teaching English, Medical programs to Elephant Care. The photo of a volunteer disguised as "Super Man" teaching English to young monks cought our attention. It symbolizes, how open-minded the young Buddhist monks at the monastery are, and that the volunteer work is fun. The English language is opening the doors to the world, and the Super Man stands for that - speaking the language will break the bounderies of the relative istolation of the people in Nepal, giving them "wings of super man" to fly. A rewarding…
Traditional dishes, bonfires, fireworks, and the colorful, flapping flags hanging overhead out on the street are some of the elements making up the festivities collectively known throughout Brazil as Festas Juninas. Be it in a major city event, a fair next to a church, or a thatched tent outside a family's house, the celebration is often part of the festivities typically held in June, which have their roots in harvest rituals. The millennia-old festivity, however, was transformed over the course of the centuries, but remained a cultural manifestation of the ties between man and field.
Brazil’s federal police has said that investigators have found evidence the president, Michel Temer, received bribes to help businesses, raising a new threat that the embattled leader could be suspended from office pending a corruption trial. Temer has been under investigation due to plea bargain testimony by the wealthy businessman Joesley Batista of the giant meatpacking company JBS that linked the president and an aide to bribes and the president to an alleged endorsement of hush money for jailed ex-House Speaker Eduardo Cunha.
Organisers are threatening to cancel the spectacular samba parades next year if the festival’s multi-million pound subsidy is slashed in budget saving measures.This is set to be cut in half. The decision has caused outrage and anger among carnival organisers who are now threatening to pull the plug on the iconic show.
A few weeks after the May coup against Dilma Rousseff by conservative parties backed by the country's largest corporations, Brazil's “interim” government, led by Michel Temer, signed an emergency loan to the State of Rio de Janeiro to help finance infrastructure for the 2016 Olympics – in particular for a subway line connecting the sports venues. The bailout was conditional to selling off the State's public water supply and sanitation company, the Companhia Estadual de Águas e Esgotos (Cedae).When we interviewed City Councillor and chair of Rio’s Special Committee on the Water Crisis Renato Cinco, in December 2015, he was…
Emily's Experience with Environmental Volunteer Work at the Tijuca Rainforest I was in Rio de Janeiro for 4 weeks helping out in the Tijuca rainforest and at the community garden in a favela. I met so many different people from all over the world and as a result, I not only learned about Brazil but many other cultures. It's a great way to get to know a city and have more of a local feel and the program itself is very reasonably priced. I would definitely consider coming back to Iko Poran for volunteering again. Emily, University of Waterloo
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