As part of its fight against corruption, Brazil’s Central Bank (CB) announced on Wednesday (June 28th) it was reformulating its regulation for large cash bank withdrawals. The decision comes a day after the CB released the country’s balance of payments for May 2017, which came in significantly lower than a year ago.
Brazil's government on Thursday lowered its annual inflation target for the first time in more than a decade, seeking to turn the page on recent double-digit jumps in consumer prices and bolster investors' confidence about future economic stability. The National Monetary Council, comprised of heads of the finance and planning ministries and the central bank, cut the inflation target to 4.25 percent in 2019 and 4.00 percent the following year, from 4.5 percent at present.
Brazil’s federal police has said that investigators have found evidence the president, Michel Temer, received bribes to help businesses, raising a new threat that the embattled leader could be suspended from office pending a corruption trial. Temer has been under investigation due to plea bargain testimony by the wealthy businessman Joesley Batista of the giant meatpacking company JBS that linked the president and an aide to bribes and the president to an alleged endorsement of hush money for jailed ex-House Speaker Eduardo Cunha.
Organisers are threatening to cancel the spectacular samba parades next year if the festival’s multi-million pound subsidy is slashed in budget saving measures.This is set to be cut in half. The decision has caused outrage and anger among carnival organisers who are now threatening to pull the plug on the iconic show.
The Brazilian state of Pará, neighbouring Suriname and in the Brazilian Amazon will receive a $26.4 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to stimulate its ecotourism activity in the region in order to generate new employment opportunities and increase household income. The State of Pará with excellent connections to Suriname, has vast environmental assets and cultural resources that might serve as basis for a strong tourism industry, but this potential has not yet been fully developed. Pará receives only 0.29 of the international tourism that visits Brazil.
The country, entered public consultation measures to facilitate operations and reduce costs that investors have bringing the resources to Brazil. BRASILIA - The Central Bank (CB ) is studying ways to encourage foreign investments in the country. Announced on Wednesday that a public hearing is a project for which debentures and treasury bills are traded Brazilian companies abroad. Currently, only stockholders can have Depositary Receipts ( DRs ). It is a receipt that reflects an action of companies, and are traded outside Brazil. And the Fed still wants to eliminate latches for use in fixed income and stock exchange.
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