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Rio Line 4 to Barra da Tijuca

Vice President Michel Temer, Rio de Janeiro state governor Luiz Fernando Pezão and Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes attended the opening ceremony for the city’s third metro line on July 30. Line 4 serves the Olympic Village, and will only be used by athletes and spectators until September 17, when it will open to the public. The Olympic Games begin on August 5.

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A few weeks after the May coup against Dilma Rousseff by conservative parties backed by the country's largest corporations, Brazil's “interim” government, led by Michel Temer, signed an emergency loan to the State of Rio de Janeiro to help finance infrastructure for the 2016 Olympics – in particular for a subway line connecting the sports venues. The bailout was conditional to selling off the State's public water supply and sanitation company, the Companhia Estadual de Águas e Esgotos (Cedae).
When we interviewed City Councillor and chair of Rio’s Special Committee on the Water Crisis Renato Cinco, in December 2015, he was already warning against such privatisation threats and provided important background information on the water situation in Rio. We are releasing a transcription of the interview.

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