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Volunteer Project in the Rio Carnival

Ever thought about going to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival and working as a volunteer at the same time? Iko Poran, a non profit volunteer organization in Rio is offering a volunteer program with a samba school. Foreigners can join the samba school and help with the work on the construction and design of the floats and costumes for the school. A way of diving deep inside the society, learning about the people who create everything for the samba parade. It can give you a deeper understanding of all the work behind the scenes, the preparation necessary to prepare the great day at the Sambódromo.

You can find the Carnival Volunteer Project in Iko Poran's Homepage.

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Sunday, 06 July 2014 00:00

Work for Brazil

There's a spoof calendar doing the rounds in the Brazilian media.

It's particularly popular among online hacks who can't resist a dig at Brazil's many flaws and weaknesses.The calendar essentially highlights the three or, at a push, four months during the coming year that Brazil will be "open for business". After the usual extended summer holidays, we'll all be briefly back to work before clocking off again for Carnival.

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