Fazenda Santa Clara is a tourist attraction located in the Brazilian municipality of Santa Rita de Jacutinga in the state of Minas Gerais. The farmer and miner born in São João del Rei , then captaincy of Minas Gerais, Luiz Fortes de Sã and Bustamante took over in the late eighteenth century , the position of chief guard of the record of Black River. But Luiz withdrew from office and replaced by his brother Francisco Dionisio Strong Bustamante , who moved with his wife and children in Rio Preto , in 1800 approximately . In 1824 his son Francisco Bustamante Tereziano Strong was honored by the imperial government with an allotment of land , where he set up the farm Santa Clara , completed in 1856 . The farm was left with his death , the widow Maria Tereza de Souza Strong , Viscountess of Monte Verde. With the death of the Viscountess , who had no direct descendants , the estate went to his brother Carlos Fortes Teodoro de Souza , who was the 2nd Baron of Santa Clara . The farm was eventually mortgaged to the bank . Then went to the auction and surmounted by Commander Modesto Leal and then to Colonel John Honorius . Today it is owned by its descendentes.1
With 6000 m� , Fazenda Santa Clara should be one of the largest farms with origin in the nineteenth century still exist. It has 46 rooms , 14 halls , a chapel , two terraces of coffee , slave quarters , a dungeon , a gazebo and other appropriate facilities . The yard is exquisite coffee and was built with shells and whale oil . The dungeon was designed with such strength that prevents leakage . At the lookout , built to guard the property from above, a large clock was installed German , manufactured in 1840 and still working. The farm was used as the setting of the television series " Abolition " , aired in 1988 , and the novel " Terra Nostra " , displayed in 1999. (Wikipedia)

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No Wake Up call for Brazil

Higher Coffee Prices not much help for Brazil’s Economy

A surge in coffee prices won’t do much to wake up the economy in Brazil, one of the world’s biggest producer of the beans. Concerns about sluggish Brazilian growth have spurred investors to pull their cash, causing the country’s currency to depreciate nearly 20% against the dollar over the past year.

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