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Volunteer in Brazil - Summer Programs

Volunteer in Brazil in one of our Summer Volunteer Programs. Accomplish something amazing this summer, and improve your CV too. Whether you are on a summer break from studies or from life, volunteering or interning abroad can be at once a hugely fulfilling and fun personal experience as well as a change to gain vocational experience which is often difficult to find at home. Any volunteering abroad program will boost your employability. We have summer programs and internships in medical and dental projects as well as teaching and childcare, among a range of other interesting opportunities. Note also that most of our projects are available all year round: Check our full list of Summer Volunteer Programs!

 Volunteer in Brazil this summer supporting our efforts and help to spread health awareness within low-income communities!
Medical Volunteer in Brazil
Medical Volunteer in Brazil

As a medical volunteer in the Brazil Healthcare Program you will be on the front lines of educating and raising awareness for healthcare issues impacting local communities. Whether you are involved in hands on health promotion and canvassing, healthcare advising, contraceptive literacy, or leading disease awareness workshops – your work will make an immediate, positive impact on your project. 

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Rio Based IKPVA - A Volunteer Organization

Established in 2002 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, as a local volunteer non-profit organization based in a developing country (Brazil), Iko Poran offers a wide range of highly affordable volunteer abroad programs!

Find out mor about affordable volunteer programs in Brazil at IKPVA Homepage

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Rio based volunteer organization IKPVA offers volunteer programs in Nepal. Causes range from teaching English, Medical programs to Elephant Care. The photo of a volunteer disguised as "Super Man" teaching English to young monks cought our attention. It symbolizes, how open-minded the young Buddhist monks at the monastery are, and that the volunteer work is fun. The English language is opening the doors to the world, and the Super Man stands for that - speaking the language will break the bounderies of the relative istolation of the people in Nepal, giving them "wings of super man" to fly. A rewarding experience both for the monks and the volunteers. Find the full information of the programs volunteering in Nepal on IPVA's homepage. IPVA by the way stands for Ikoporan Volunteer Abroad which started 2002 in Rio de Janeiro. They started now a Blog about volunteering abroad in order to show all the beautiful statements of volunteers in Nepal, Brazil and other countries.

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Emily's Experience with Environmental Volunteer Work at the Tijuca Rainforest

I was in Rio de Janeiro for 4 weeks helping out in the Tijuca rainforest and at the community garden in a favela. I met so many different people from all over the world and as a result, I not only learned about Brazil but many other cultures. It's a great way to get to know a city and have more of a local feel and the program itself is very reasonably priced. I would definitely consider coming back to Iko Poran for volunteering again.

  • Emily, University of Waterloo

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