Saving the Urban Rainforest in Rio de Janeiro

Ecological Volunteering in Rio: Saving the Urban Rainforest

Iko Poran, a volunteer organization in Rio de Janeiro, invited volunteers from China, Germany, Great Britain, United States and Brazil to participate in rescue efforts for the urban rainforest in Rio de Janeiro. Saving the Tijuca Rainforest is one of the most rewarding volunteer projects in Rio de Janeiro. The Magnificent City (Cidade Maravilhosa) wouldn’t be the same, if it had not the largest urban rainforest as a green lung to breathe. And of course, there are beautiful hiking trails through the forest and upon the top of the mountains with breathtaking views. So, preserving the Rainforest in Rio is one of the most important ecological volunteer projects to work on!

On the article photo from left to right: Sabrina Ho, from China, Luca Klein, from Germany, George Wade, from Britain, Jawad Dabbour, from United States, Radek Machowiec, from Polland, and 3 Brazilian Volunteers saving the forests of Brazil.

You can visit the Homepage of Iko Poran Volunteer Abroad, where you also can find all the volunteer projects in Rio de Janeiro.

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