Abin Report on the Events of January 8th:


Abin Report on the Events of January 8th:

Relatório da Abin sobre os Eventos de 8 de Janeiro: Responsabilização e Omissão do Governo Federal

Accountability and Omission by the Federal Government


The Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin)**, a source of intrigue and suspicion since the beginning of the Lula administration, has presented a report that has brought to light crucial questions about the events that took place on January 8th. Let’s explore the details of this inspiring report:

1. Conflict of Interest

The recently dismissed Alessandro Moretti, then number 2 in the intelligence agency, led the action that culminated in the release of the report. This move generated tensions between Abin and the federal government, especially the Federal Police, which sought to isolate the agency’s employees.

2. Strategic Transfer

After the election, President Lula transferred Abin from the Institutional Security Cabinet (GSI) to the Civil House. However, relations remained tense and suspicions of espionage persisted.

3. Explosive Report

At a meeting in the Civil House, Alessandro Moretti presented a report that blamed the Ministry of Justice and the then head of the GSI, Gonçalves Dias, for the attacks on the headquarters of the Three Powers. This opinion echoed the strategy of the opposition, who accused the government of negligence in the face of threats of attacks.

4. Intervention and demands

Ministers like Rui Costa, Alexandre Padilha and Ricardo Cappelli were outraged by Moretti’s position and demanded explanations. The bellicose atmosphere between Abin and the government reached its peak at this point.


The Abin report revealed flaws and omissions, but also highlighted the importance of transparency and accountability. May we learn from these events and strengthen our institutions for the sake of security and democracy.


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