Port of Rotterdam signs MoU related to the Brazilian port of Pecém


Port of Rotterdam signs MoU related to the Brazilian port of Pecém

Port Pecem Ceara

Today –march 22nd, 2020 – Port of Rotterdam signed a ‘memorandum of understanding’ (MoU) with the State Government of Ceará with the purpose to jointly study a potential cooperation. This may lead to the joint venture Industrial Port Complex of Pecém.

Port Pecem Rotterdam
Port Pecém, Ceará

Additionally Port of Rotterdam has two Joint Ventures for the development of Porto Central, Brazil and Kuala Tanjung, Indonesia. Further, it is active in multiple ports as an advisor. In 2016 the subsidiary companies in Oman, Brasil and Indonesia contributed more than 8.9 million euro’s to the financial result of the Port of Rotterdam.


The Industrial Port Complex of Pecém is close to Fortaleza. It is a brownfield port with a throughput of 11 million tons in 2016, mainly coal, iron ore, containers and LNG.
In addition to the Port of Pecém, Port of Rotterdam is developing another Brazilian port: Porto Central, near Vitória in the State of Espírito Santo. Currently the project focuses on obtaining all necessary licenses as well as client contracts. The two current PoR projects are independent and complimentary, as they serve distinct hinterlands (2.500 km apart) and will handle different commodities.

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