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Learn about economy in Brazil and how the new government with minister Paulo Guedes tries to attract foreign investments.


Get the latest news of how business develops in Brazil and how new startups may renew the economy of the sleeping beauty.


Like anyone knows, football is the religion of Brazil. But besides the noise about sports, Brazil features incredible cultural treasures.

Latest News

Get the lastest News of a Grand Nation finding its way to new growth and prosperity.

Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Canoas’ Story of Strength and Solidarity

Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Canoas’ Story of Strength and Solidarity

eyesonbrasil In recent times, the citizens of Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul, have witnessed an unusual sight—military tanks and armed soldiers patrolling their streets. This display of military presence is[…]

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United in Compassion:

The Global Response to Rio Grande do Sul’s Floods eyesonbrasil As the floodwaters rose, so did the spirit of international camaraderie. Countries from around the globe have extended a helping[…]

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A Beacon of Hope: USNS John Lenthall’s Mission of Mercy

A Beacon of Hope: USNS John Lenthall’s Mission of Mercy

eyesonbrasil In the wake of the devastating floods in Rio Grande do Sul, a gleam of hope shines through the despair as the US Navy ship USNS John Lenthall sets[…]

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News and updates of the biggest country of Latin Americareinventing it’s historic role

After some years of recession, Brazil is reinventing it’s economic culture, giving foreign investors a perspective of stability and growth for the coming years.

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News Sections

Get news and updates from Brazil and its capital Brasilia, including breaking news, sports and travel. Brazil is the largest country on Latin America and one of the leading economies of the world.

The Business of Finance/Banking

Brazil now has an inflation rate of 3,5% and offers with a stable democracy a prosperous and safe environment for investments.

Aviation Industry

Traditional companies like Embraer join with new startups, to define the future of sustainable air travel in Brazil and the World.

The Business of Tourism

The Latin American country attracts many international tourists with his beautiful sand beaches, and rich culture and tradition.

The Business of Sports

Brazilians are passionate about football/soccer and several other disciplines like, surfing, basket ball. athletics.

The Business of Culture

With its rich musical tradition both from Portugal and Africa, and the indigenous roots of Indios and their popular arts and sculptures, Brazil is a fascinating cultural meltpot.


Brazil is one of the leading nations for agriculture, exporting food and vegetables to many other countries.


With new railway lines, highways, airports and commercial ports Brazil seeks to improve infrastructure and internal transport ways.

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