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Water Risks to the Global Food System

Over seventy ( 70 ) % of all the water in the world is taken from rivers and groundwater is used for agriculture.   Achieving food security requires water security. But there is little visibility on the vulnerabilities of the food system amplified by water risks around the world. New tools are being developed to address this, including Aqueduct…
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By ensuring high hygiene levels, we can prevent insects and diseases from entering the building with employees, materials, seeds or air.

A Tomato Flat: Growing Vegetables in the City

Amsterdam, Holland — Urbanization is increasing worldwide. To supply the growing populations in cities with fresh vegetables, Wageningen horticultural specialists are conducting research into vertical farming. With this technique, crops are grown indoors year-round with the help of LED light and in layers on top of each other. Land and water use decline enormously, and…
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0.6% Rebound of Agriculture and Industry in Brazil

Brazil’s economy expanded in the third quarter at its fastest pace since early last year, official data showed on Tuesday, with 0.6% growth over the previous quarter driven by a strong performance in agriculture and a sharp rebound in the industry. Upward revisions to previous figures for the first two quarters this year meant that…
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Trade War USA China

If US and China agree in trade war on farm deal, Brazil after other markets

Brazilian government statistics in Brasilia show that China largely stopped buying U.S. soy during the extended trade dispute and boosted imports from Brazil, buying nearly 80% of the country’s soy crop in 2019. Brazil could therefore lose some recent gains it made in the global soy market during the US-China trade war if those two…
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Oilseed Rape Flower

Brazil anticipates record 2019/20 oilseed and grains crop: some 250 million tons

Although corn production for 2019-20 in Brazil is estimated at 99 million metric tons flat on the December estimate and slightly down from the 100mn t record seen last year, the Governments crop supply agency CONAB, communicated eralier this week.  Conab however does not rule out possible yield losses due to uneven rainfall in the southern…
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Agriculture in Brazil

Brazilian agriculture is well diversified, and the country is largely self-sufficient in food. Agriculture accounts for 8% of the countries GDP, and employs about one-quarter of the labour force in more than 6 million agricultural enterprises. Brazil is the world’s largest producer of sugarcane and coffee, and a net exporter of cocoa, soybeans, orange juice,…
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brazil coffee

Brazil in recession, but farming is booming with the 29% fall of the Real

Financial and political turmoil that have Brazil on the brink of a depression is also contributing to one of the best years ever for domestic farmers. Economic stress and a weak currency has facilitated export revenue for everything from soybeans to beef to coffee.  Even as global surpluses spark a commodity slump, the drop in…
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