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Environment at a Glance in Latin America and the Caribbean

Spotlight on Climate Change Environment at a Glance in Latin America and the Caribbean: Spotlight on climate change presents the progress made by countries in the region in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality and protecting natural habitats. It describes the level of exposure to climate-related hazards and some of the main policy instruments used…
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Eyes on Brasil - Rio de Janeiro

Why Rio de Janeiro is attracting digital nomads

The digital nomad visa program wants to attract visitors with money to RioRio for Now, Rio Forever eyesonbrasil Amsterdam, August 14th 2023–The possibility of walking on the boardwalk before starting the work day or watching the sunset at Arpoador after a stressful meeting has attracted a new type of visitor to Rio de Janeiro: the…
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Fourteen days across the Atlantic, perched on a ship’s rudder

By Joel Gunter / BBC News Four Nigerian stowaways set out for Europe on the rudder of a tanker. They had no idea they were bound for Brazil, and a two-week ocean voyage that would nearly kill them. A little after midnight on 27 June, Roman Ebimene Friday gathered up the food he had been…
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Amazon deal lacks concrete measures, say climate activists

AFP Demonstrators, including indigenous people from Amazon countries, marched in Belém on Tuesday as the summit kicked off By Katy Watson in Belém, Brazil & Christy Cooney in London BBC News The eight countries that share the Amazon basin have fallen short of an agreed goal to end deforestation. Delegates from the countries are meeting…
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Brazil in need of investments

Delay costs 4 times as much as before eyesonbrasil Amsterdam,  9 August 2023– According to Instituto Escolhas, a Brazilian organization promoting sustainable development, South America’s largest country will have to invest US$ 47 billion to recover a large area of forests in the country’s six biomes, which would result in employment generation, food production, and…
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Speech of President Charles Michel at the opening ceremony of the EU-CELAC summit

It’s a pleasure to welcome you all to Brussels and to return your warm hospitality from the last two summits I had the privilege to participate in – in Mexico and Argentina. And I would like to thank the current and former presidents of CELAC, Prime Minister Gonsalves and President Fernández for our close cooperation…
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Brazil sets Global example

But forgets to summon illegal Brazilian goldminers in Suriname eyesonbrasil Amsterdam, June 8th 2023– According to Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research (INPE), deforestation fell 31% in the Legal Amazon, from January to May 2023, compared to the same period last year, Agencia Brasil reported. The data was released Wednesday and collected from the Deforestation Detection…
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Ali to advance talks with Lula on Guyana-Brazil road link

Guyana President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali and Brazil President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Discussions on the expansion of the Guyana to Brazil road link will be advanced at an upcoming meeting between Guyana President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali and Brazil’s President, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva May at the end of May. Guyana’s Department…
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Why Greta Thunberg would be a better President for Brazil

Could a Climate Activist Change Brazil’s Future for the Better? Introduction How Greta Thunberg’s Climate Activism Could Transform Brazil’s Environmental Policies Exploring the Benefits of Greta Thunberg’s Youthful Leadership for Brazil Examining the Potential Impact of Greta Thunberg’s Presidency on Brazil’s Economy and Society Conclusion Introduction Greta Thunberg is a Swedish environmental activist who has…
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Production Green Hydrogen in Latin America

Unlocking a Sustainable Energy Future eyesonbrasil Amsterdam, 14 May 2023–Latin America is a region blessed with abundant renewable energy resources, including vast solar and wind potential, making it a prime candidate for the production of green hydrogen. So is the Caribbean and of course Suriname. Blessed. Green hydrogen, produced through electrolysis powered by renewable energy…
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