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A parliamentary delegation from Canada arrived in Guyana commencing a five-day visit aimed at fortifying the diplomatic relations

Canadian parliamentarians arrive in Guyana for high-level talks

eyesonbrasil / oilnow A four-member parliamentary delegation from Canada arrived in Guyana on November 14, commencing a five-day visit aimed at fortifying and deepening the diplomatic relations between the two nations. The visit was facilitated through the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA).  Led by prominent Canadian parliamentarians, the delegation comprises Alexandra Mendès, Assistant Deputy Speaker, and…
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Training for South American Diplomats successfully completed

In September, a group of 16 junior diplomats from South America arrived at the Clingendael Institute for a three-week diplomatic training programme. The course focused on strengthening their diplomatic skills, deepening their knowledge on relevant regional and international issues, and familiarising the diplomats with policies in the Netherlands and the EU.  The training was divided…
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Summit Celac – EU poised with optimism

Brussels Center of the World eyesonbrasil Amsterdam, July 17th 2023– The summit between the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) and the European Union (EU) to be held in Brussels today Monday July 17th  and Tuesday is surrounded by an aura of optimism as it is poised to determine the fate of large numbers…
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Digital Companies to become Global Superpower

Digital Companies to Become the New Global Superpower?

Digital Companies: Powering the Future of Global Superpower Introduction How Digital Companies are Transforming the Global Economy The Impact of Digital Companies on Global Politics The Role of Digital Companies in Shaping the Future of International Trade The Benefits of Digital Companies for Developing Nations The Challenges Facing Digital Companies in Becoming the New Global…
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China now, always and forever

In Suriname & the Americas eyesonsuriname Amsterdam, May 8th 2023–President Biden and his administration has done little to counter China’s expanding economic footprint in Suriname and South America.  Given the region’s crucial role in the fight against climate change, the US can no longer afford to take its southern neighbors for granted. Amsterdam, May 8th…
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