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Navigating Brazil’s Electoral Landscape: Challenges and Aspirations

eyesonbrasil 1. The Verdict: Lula’s Fine and Its Impact Brazil’s highest electoral court recently imposed a fine of 250,000 reais on President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and his coalition for a campaign video that criticized his 2022 election rival, Jair Bolsonaro1. This verdict has far-reaching implications for Brazilian society: 2. Upholding Fair Elections: A…
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Navigating Brazil’s Political Paradox: Progress, Popularity, and Polarization

eyesonbrasil 1. The Enigma of Lula’s Declining Popularity Brazil stands at a crossroads—a paradox where economic progress and political discontent coexist. President Lula da Silva’s administration, despite positive economic indicators, faces a decline in approval ratings. Let’s delve into the complexities: Economic Triumphs, Political Woes While Brazil’s economy thrives, Lula’s popularity wanes. Recent polls reveal…
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Bolsonaro Avenida Paulista

Is São Paulo’s Conservative Wave a Sign of Brazil’s Future?

eyesonbrasil The massive demonstration on Avenida Paulista in support of former president Jair Bolsonaro has ignited debates about the direction of Brazilian politics. While some see the rally as an isolated outburst, others sense the momentum of a growing conservative movement – one that may be taking its strongest hold in the economically powerful state…
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Banco Central do Brasil

Containing 2022 inflation

Interest rates in Brazil need to stay high. The hope that the rise in inflation was temporary, has passed,” says Nóbrega. AF . Amsterdam, June 18 2021–Former Brazilian Finance Minister Maílson da Nóbrega (Jan. 6 1988 – March 18, 1990) under President José Sarney has pointed out that the country needs to keep interest…
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Airport Santos Dumont

Brazil: Mega-auction of Airports, Ports and Railroads

Correspondent Marcelo Ermel * Amsterdam, April 5th 2021– Wrapped in an avalanche of criticism in and out of the country for the way it has been leading the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, which causes damage not only in the health area but also in the country’s economy, the Brazilian government is preparing to hold…
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Ferrovia norte sul construcao

North-South railroad worth three times more than expected in public notice, study finds

Railway line considered the backbone of the logistics development of the country should be auctioned on Thursday with a price lower than suggested by state-owned Valec. There are two interested companies. The minimum bid for the North-South railway concession, which will be auctioned on Thursday at the São Paulo Stock Exchange, should be almost three…
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