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Navigating Brazil’s Political Paradox: Progress, Popularity, and Polarization

eyesonbrasil 1. The Enigma of Lula’s Declining Popularity Brazil stands at a crossroads—a paradox where economic progress and political discontent coexist. President Lula da Silva’s administration, despite positive economic indicators, faces a decline in approval ratings. Let’s delve into the complexities: Economic Triumphs, Political Woes While Brazil’s economy thrives, Lula’s popularity wanes. Recent polls reveal…
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How the VLT Tram Sparked a Downtown Renaissance

Rio’s Rhythmic Revival

How the VLT Tram Sparked a Downtown Renaissance Rio de Janeiro’s iconic landscape boasts sugarloaf peaks and sun-kissed beaches, but its heart, the Centro and Zona Portuária, once pulsed with a different rhythm. Decades of decline left these areas adrift, their historic streets echoing with emptiness. Then, in 2016, a modern melody filled the air…
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Yanomami Take Center Stage at Rio Carnival, Inspiring a Deeper Brazil

A Samba Beat for Change

Yanomami Take Center Stage at Rio Carnival, Inspiring a Deeper Brazil The vibrant feathers, pulsating rhythms, and infectious energy of Rio’s Carnival are renowned worldwide. But this year, amidst the sequins and smiles, a deeper message resonated: a powerful homage to the Yanomami, Brazil’s largest Indigenous group, by the acclaimed Salgueiro Samba School. Salgueiro’s parade…
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Eyes on Brasil - Rio de Janeiro

Why Rio de Janeiro is attracting digital nomads

The digital nomad visa program wants to attract visitors with money to RioRio for Now, Rio Forever eyesonbrasil Amsterdam, August 14th 2023–The possibility of walking on the boardwalk before starting the work day or watching the sunset at Arpoador after a stressful meeting has attracted a new type of visitor to Rio de Janeiro: the…
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Rio de Janeiro: The “Marvellous City” welcomes digital nomads

Work-life balance Enjoying the outdoors is the essence of Rio, whether that’s running along Copacabana’s black-and-white promenade, surfing the gentle waves of Ipanema or sitting outside a bar for cold beers and a samba. “The outdoor lifestyle is of great importance to the city,” said Alessandra Alli, a Brazilian tour guide and founder of Hike…
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Bob Nadkarni: 1943-2023

by Gabe Ponce de Leon The first time I walked through its doors, back in 2005, the Maze was just a family home. Its main claim to fame, at that point, was having been featured in the Snoop Dog video “Beautiful.” But I was completely blown away by the setup: The idiosyncratic design of the…
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Rio de Janeiro aerial views

Rio de Janeiro – Cidade Maravilhosa

Olá and welcome to this beautiful aerial view of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by drone. You will find all famous sights like the Sugarloaf Mountain, the Sambadrome, the statue of Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor), Copacabana and of course some favelas! And you know it… like usual in 4K! Also have a look @World Wide…
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Temporada de cruzeiros no Rio

Rio projects biggest cruise season in 20 years and raising $26 million in January

Brazil lives with a “seesaw” in the maritime cruise market in The Country. The numbers involving this market rise and fall sharply, influenced by legal uncertainty and high costs so that ships can dock at Brazilian ports. In the case of Rio de Janeiro, the largest national tourist showcase, the 2019/2020 cruise season will record…
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