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Kim Stanley Robinson

Kim Stanley Robinson: The Ministry for the Future

Uniting science and politics, and giving voice to our most ardent hopes and our worst fears, American climate fiction pioneer Kim Stanley Robinson’s book ‘The Ministry for the Future’ is a gripping portrayal of a world grappling with the devastating consequences of climate change and the urgent actions needed to forge a sustainable future. In…
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Carbon Forecasting

We proudly present: Our Carbon Forecasting Model

We have developed a Carbon Forecasting Model using Anaplan that helps us measure our future emissions. Watch what the tool can do and how it can be of value to your own organization. Deloitte, Netherlands

Allseas will begin the installation, burial and commissioning of a 16-inch CCS pipeline for the Porthos Carbon Capture and Storage Project.

Allseas to construct a 16-inch pipeline for the CCS project developed by Porthos

eyesonbrasil Amsterdam, Nov. 2nd 2023– Within a very foreseeable future Allseas will begin developing the work which has been agreed between them and Porthos and the first tasks will include installation, burial and commissioning of a 16-inch CCS pipeline. This pipeline will connect a compressor station located at Maasvlakte, and the P18-A platform, which is…
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Netherlands so rich


How it became the world’s second largest exporter of food? The Netherlands is a small country in Northern Europe, home to just over 17 million people. A good part of the territory is below sea level, which is why it is famous for its engineering works to face the challenges of constant flooding. It is…
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Was it the accountant who panicked Ajax?

Was it the professional-critical attitude of the accountant that exposed a conflict of interest at Ajax? There will be no answers. However, accountants point out the special circumstances in professional football that the accountant has to take into account. Like emotions that are rampant, combined with reputational risks. Henk Vlaming “No, the information about purchased…
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Closer Cooperation Holland Brazil

TU Delft & Univ. São Paulo eyesonbrasil Amsterdam, 22 march 2023– The Delft University of Technology of the Netherlands and USP- the Universidade  de São Paulo signed a collaboration agreement on an institutional level today.  The agreement facilitates different forms of collaborative work, e.g. student exchange, joint research projects and dual degree PhDs.  Biobased economy, water…
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Sustainable Aviation

The Future Reality of Sustainable Flying

Brazil x Holland Part I source: SKY/NRG/ coalition Sustainable Flying Amsterdam, 22 May 2021– You may soon be flying on used cooking oil from the snack bar to Gran Canaria. In Delfzijl, the Dutch company SkyNRG is building a factory that can convert waste vegetable fats and oils into a mixture of hydrocarbons that resembles…
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Johan Cruijff ArenA

Netherlands Brazil 1 – 1 The Future of Sports

The Role of Southern of Brazil Amsterdam, 8 april 2021– Interview with Sander Van Stiphout, Director International in charge of transversal activities including innovation at Johan Cruijff ArenA. 1. Innovation means a lot of things to a lot of different people. What does innovation mean to you?  Innovation for us means reaching business objectives. We are trying…
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Food Supply

Food Safety for Future Generations

Brazil and the World Amsterdam, March 8th 2021– The pressing challenge of reversing the trends of land degradation, food insecurity and stagnating food productivity inspired AGRI3’s four major partners to ensure that adequate and swift action is taken.  Our eyesonsouthernbrasil project is, in collaboration with Brazilian and International scientists, consultants and banks, preparing a series to…
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