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Ernst Götsch’s Syntropic Farming:

A Green Revolution for Brazil’s Agribusiness eyesonbrasil 1. Introduction Ernst Götsch, a Swiss farmer and researcher, has pioneered a groundbreaking approach to agriculture known as syntropic farming. His farm, Fazenda Olhos D’Água, located in Piraí do Norte, Bahia, Brazil, serves as a living testament to the power of regenerative practices. Let’s delve into the principles…
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The Sustainable Future of the Brazilian Economy:

Four Key Points eyesonbrasil The search for a sustainable future is a global priority, and Brazil is not immune to this challenge. The study conducted by Wagner Faria de Oliveira, from PUC in Rio de Janeiro, on sustainable land use in Brazil offers valuable insights for shaping our economy in a more conscious and resilient…
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How to measure the risks and impact of financing on nature

eyesonbrasil Understanding nature-related risks and impact and how you can manage those risks and impact is the ambition of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD). The TNFD is an international partnership of, among others, the United Nations and WWF that Rabobank has been a co-developing member of since its foundation in 2021. After two…
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