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VLT Santos

Setting Sail for a Brighter Future:

VLT Santos Phase 2 and the Historic Center’s Transformation Santos, the bustling port city in São Paulo, is poised for a transformative journey with the second phase of its VLT (Light Rail Transit) system, specifically focusing on the revitalization of its historic center. This expansion promises to be more than just a transportation upgrade; it’s…
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How the VLT Tram Sparked a Downtown Renaissance

Rio’s Rhythmic Revival

How the VLT Tram Sparked a Downtown Renaissance Rio de Janeiro’s iconic landscape boasts sugarloaf peaks and sun-kissed beaches, but its heart, the Centro and Zona Portuária, once pulsed with a different rhythm. Decades of decline left these areas adrift, their historic streets echoing with emptiness. Then, in 2016, a modern melody filled the air…
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