Brazil in EU Amazon Fund


Brazil in EU Amazon Fund

Success for Lula in London


Amsterdam, May 10th 2023– In a meeting with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) in London, the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, announced this Friday (5/6) that the United Kingdom will contribute to the Amazon Fund, currently financed by Norway , Germany and the United States.

Later, via Twitter, Sunak detailed the announcement, stating that the value will be 80 million pounds (about R$ 500 million).

Lula and Sunak met behind closed doors in Downing Street, the official residence and office of the British Prime Minister.

The petista is in the United Kingdom for the coronation of King Charles III, which takes place this Saturday (6/5).

According to Sunak, “besides football, we have a lot in common. I am pleased to announce on this occasion that we are going to invest in the Amazon Fund. It is a great pleasure to have you here”.In turn, Lula stated that his trip to the United Kingdom, in addition to the coronation, would be a gesture to “restore normality in Brazil-United Kingdom relations”.

“We have good relations, but certainly it is very little in the commercial relationship”.

“The country was isolated for six years. We now want to resume the trade discussion first, in which there are enormous possibilities to increase the flow”.

“Second, the climate issue. Brazil has large reserves and has participated in climate meetings and the commitment to have zero deforestation in the Amazon by 2030”.

“And what I have been saying to all the rich countries is for them to comply with the agreements signed in the COP editions. The poorest countries need help to keep their forests standing. I am very optimistic and grateful to be here. This bilateral is very important for us,” added Lula.

Amazon Fund

The United Kingdom is the fourth country to contribute to the Amazon Fund.

In April of this year, the United States announced that it would contribute US$ 500 million (R$ 2.5 billion) to the fund.

Norway remains the biggest funder.

Launched in 2009, the Amazon Fund was created by the Nordic country to combat deforestation and encourage sustainable development.

The fund was reactivated in January of this year, after the start of Lula’s third term – it had been suspended in the first year of Jair Bolsonaro’s (PL) government because Germany and Norway, the main donors, disagreed with the administration model.

From 2019 to 2022, deforestation in the Amazon increased by almost 60% compared to the previous four years.


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