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President Lula da Silva’s remarks on Gaza

President Lula da Silva’s remarks on Gaza in Africa have generated a variety of reactions, both domestically and internationally. Some have praised his comments for highlighting the plight of Palestinians, while others have criticized them as inflammatory and unhelpful. In Germany, Foreign Minister Analena Baerbock said that Lula’s comments were “not helpful” and that they…
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Yanomami Take Center Stage at Rio Carnival, Inspiring a Deeper Brazil

A Samba of Shifting Power?

BRICS, Currencies, and the Multipolar Future The rhythmic samba beats of Rio de Janeiro set the stage for the recent G20 summit, but the underlying melody resonated with a deeper shift: the potential waning of American dominance and the rise of a multipolar world, led by the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) community.…
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Rio’s Marina da Glória Shines, Showcasing Brazil’s Potential on the World Stage

As the G20 summit unfolds in the picturesque setting of Rio de Janeiro’s Marina da Glória, the world’s gaze turns towards Brazil. This iconic location, steeped in history and natural beauty, serves as more than just a backdrop – it embodies the potential Brazil holds on the international stage. Let’s explore how this event, coupled…
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Brazil is finall assuming the presidency of the G20.

Brazil is finally assuming the presidency of the G20

eyesonbrasil After a long period of waiting and hoping, Brazil is finally assuming the presidency of the G20. This historic milestone reflects the country’s growing role on the global stage and the opportunity to lead crucial discussions on economics, politics, and sustainable development. Understand how Brazil is positioning itself as a global leader. At www.eyesonbrasil.com we are…
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