Sin Tax vs. Marijuana: A Brazilian Tax Comedy


Sin Tax vs. Marijuana: A Brazilian Tax Comedy


“Beer is Not a Sin” vs. “Marijuana is Legal”

The Brazilian Craft Beer Association (Abracerva) launched the “Beer is not a sin” campaign while the Federal Supreme Court (STF) was freeing the consumption of marijuana. The result? An epic clash between brewers and marijuana users on social media.

Taxing the Breeze

The government is proposing a “Breeze Tax” for cannabis users. The rate would be based on the potency of the joint: the stronger, the higher the tax. Cannabis activists respond with memes and hashtags like #TaxaDaBriza.

The Drug Trade Feels the Pressure

With the legalization of marijuana, drug dealers are losing market share. They now sell “grow kits” and offer “seed delivery” services. Their motto? “From the drug trade to the garden, a non-stop journey.”

The Orange Tax

To compensate for the drop in revenue, the government is launching the “Snack Tax”. It is levied on snacks, pizza and hamburgers consumed after a breeze. The population revolts: “We can’t be taxed for our binges!”


While Brazil faces this tax comedy, brewers, potheads and the hungry unite in peaceful protests. Who knows, maybe in the future we’ll have a “Laughter Tax” to fund the Ministry of Good Humor. 🤣🇧🇷


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