Unveiling the Ancient Civilization of Ratanabá: A Paradigm Shift in Brazil’s History


Unveiling the Ancient Civilization of Ratanabá: A Paradigm Shift in Brazil’s History


For centuries, the Amazon Rainforest has held its secrets close, concealing remnants of an ancient civilization that could rewrite our understanding of Brazil’s past. In a groundbreaking discovery, the Dakila Research team has unearthed evidence of gigantic constructions, mysterious underground galleries, and the remains of giants. Let us delve into this awe-inspiring revelation.

The Hidden City of Ratanabá

Deep within the Amazon, scholars have pinpointed an area known as the “Quadras de Ratanabá.” Using LiDAR technology, they identified streets, perfectly symmetrical courts, and staggered formations—all signs of an advanced civilization. The discovery of fountains and underground galleries adds to the intrigue.

Raffael Hungria

Skeletons of Giants

Near the ancient constructions, researchers stumbled upon skeletons of giants. These elongated beings, measuring up to 12 meters in height, challenge our preconceptions of human history. Were they rulers, architects, or warriors? Their existence opens up a new chapter in Brazil’s past.

The Peabiru Route

The Peabiru route, also known as the Inca, Indian, or Jesuit path, led to the Ratanabá research, with the team reconstructing the original map of these routes. This network of trails connected civilizations, and its rediscovery sheds light on the interconnectedness of prehistoric societies.

Anomalies in the Amazon Region – topographic remains of an ancient City?

A Heritage for Humanity

Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, CEO of the Dakila Ecosystem, has spent over 30 years exploring the Amazon’s inhospitable regions. His discoveries—geoglyphs, forts, pyramids, and more—constitute a heritage not only for Brazilians but for all of humanity.

As we marvel at the ancient marvels of Ratanabá, we must reflect on the resilience of forgotten civilizations. The Amazon Rainforest, once thought to be uninhabited, now reveals its hidden past. Let us honor the giants, the architects, and the dreamers who shaped Brazil’s history. The paradigm has shifted, and our journey into the depths of time continues.


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