Havan: Solidarity in Times of Adversity


Havan: Solidarity in Times of Adversity

Havan: Solidariedade em Tempos de Adversidade


1. Solidarity Change for Affected Families

The Havan chain of stores is making a difference in Rio Grande do Sul during the floods. In the month of May, the entire value of the Solidary Change will go to the families affected by the rains. Customers can contribute at Havan’s 176 megastores throughout Brazil and in the Federal District.

2. Store in Lajeado flooded

One of Havan’s stores in the Lajeado region was totally flooded by the rains. Aerial images show the Havan statue rising above the water, symbolizing the strength of solidarity even in difficult times. The Taquari River reached its highest level in history, causing havoc in the region. At least 31 people have lost their lives, 60 are missing and thousands are homeless.

3. Luciano Hang’s humanitarian support

Businessman Luciano Hang, founder of Havan, has sent two helicopters to help the Civil Defense and Fire Brigade in the state. These aircraft are providing logistical and humanitarian support in the Rio Taquari region, demonstrating Havan’s commitment to the Rio Grande do Sul community.

Conclusion: United by Solidarity

In the midst of the flood tragedy, Havan and its employees are united in solidarity. These gestures of support and compassion show that, even in the face of adversity, we can make a difference to people’s lives. May actions like these inspire others to unite for the common good. 🙏🌧️


: Havan will donate May’s solidarity change to those affected by the floods in Rio Grande do Sul
: Rains in Rio Grande do Sul: see before and after Havan store flooded in Lajeado
: Havan owner Luciano Hang sends helicopters to help with rescue efforts in Rio Grande do Sul
: Video: Havan store flooded by rain in Rio Grande do Sul


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