Overview of Agroecology in Brazil


Overview of Agroecology in Brazil

Social, economic, and environmental perspectives


Agroecology is a holistic approach to agriculture that integrates ecological principles with social and economic considerations. It emphasizes sustainable practices, biodiversity, and resilience. In Brazil, agroecology has gained prominence due to its potential to address pressing challenges such as climate change, food security, and rural development.

Agroecology Concepts

Agroecology encompasses various principles, including organic agriculture, natural farming, permaculture, and syntropic agriculture. These approaches promote soil health, reduce chemical inputs, and enhance ecosystem services.

Legal Basis for Agroecology in Brazil

Brazil has made significant strides in promoting agroecology through policies like the National Agroecology and Organic Production Policy (PNAPO). This policy integrates agroecological practices into broader programs, such as the National School Nutrition Program (PNAE) and the Food Acquisition Program (PAA).

Challenges and Opportunities

While challenges persist—such as reconciling agroecology with conventional agriculture—Brazil’s commitment to sustainable intensification and innovation offers hope. By fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration, we can build a resilient and ecologically sound agricultural system.


Agroecology in Brazil is not just a farming method; it’s a vision for a more harmonious relationship between humans, nature, and food production. Let’s continue to nurture this vision and cultivate a greener, more equitable future.

(Note: The content of this article is based on Albano Araújo’s work and does not necessarily represent the views of the Agricultural Policy Dialogue Brazil-Germany.)

For more details, you can refer to Albano Araújo’s article here.1

Feel free to explore the rich landscape of agroecology—it’s a journey worth embarking upon! 🌱🌎✨


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