Training for South American Diplomats successfully completed


Training for South American Diplomats successfully completed

In September, a group of 16 junior diplomats from South America arrived at the Clingendael Institute for a three-week diplomatic training programme. The course focused on strengthening their diplomatic skills, deepening their knowledge on relevant regional and international issues, and familiarising the diplomats with policies in the Netherlands and the EU.

The training was divided into four learning modules, starting with a focus on developing essential diplomatic skills, such as public speaking and speech writing, and strengthening regional cooperation. In the second week, the diplomats dove deeper into security and legal topics. To strengthen relationships with the Dutch and international institutions in the Hague, the programme contained several working visits including a visit to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, and the International Criminal Court. The group also visited Brussels to gain a broader understanding of the European Union and its institutions. Finally, in the last module special attention was given to climate and sustainable development.

Looking back on a successful programme, the diplomats gained new knowledge, skills and competences which they can apply at work in their home countries or on their posts. Furthermore, their warm personalities allowed them to foster strong relationships between the group, which enabled a positive, engaging, and productive learning atmosphere.

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