The (Dis)Harmony between the Powers of the Brazilian State:


The (Dis)Harmony between the Powers of the Brazilian State:

Praça dos três Poderes

Evidence of Decadence or Solution


The relationship between the three powers of the Brazilian state – the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary – has been marked by tensions and challenges. In this article, we will explore the constitutional limits of each power and how the imbalance between them affects political stability and social development. We will address four crucial aspects of this crisis:

1. Conflicts of Competence

The Constitution establishes an area of interrelation between the powers, allowing them to intervene in each other’s attributions. However, this overlapping of functions often results in conflicts. The Legislative creates laws, the Executive executes them and the Judiciary interprets them. When these spheres collide, harmony is threatened.

2. Ethics and Morality

The crisis is not limited to the divergence of competences. The lack of ethics and morality on the part of elected representatives aggravates the situation. Corruption scandals, nepotism and abuse of power are eroding public confidence in their leaders.

3. Obsolete political system

Our political system often fails to keep up with the demands and interests of the people. Outdated structures and practices make it difficult to effectively solve the problems faced by society. Political reform is urgently needed to restore trust and efficiency.

4. Legitimacy and Democracy

The conflict between powers affects the quality of democracy in Brazil. The loss of legitimacy compromises the state’s ability to resolve conflicts peacefully. In a global moment of democratic crisis, it is essential that leaders seek conciliation and the common good.

The crisis of harmony between the three branches of government is not insurmountable. Through dialog, transparency and a commitment to the public interest, we can strengthen our democracy and build a fairer and more balanced future for all Brazilians³⁵. 🇧🇷

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