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Praça dos três Poderes

The (Dis)Harmony between the Powers of the Brazilian State:

Evidence of Decadence or Solution eyesonbrasil The relationship between the three powers of the Brazilian state – the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary – has been marked by tensions and challenges. In this article, we will explore the constitutional limits of each power and how the imbalance between them affects political stability and social…
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Relatório da Abin sobre os Eventos de 8 de Janeiro: Responsabilização e Omissão do Governo Federal

Abin Report on the Events of January 8th:

Accountability and Omission by the Federal Government eyesonbrasil The Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin)**, a source of intrigue and suspicion since the beginning of the Lula administration, has presented a report that has brought to light crucial questions about the events that took place on January 8th. Let’s explore the details of this inspiring report: 1.…
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Paulo Guedes

Brasilia: government procurement contracts will be open to foreign companies. Investment opportunity for foreign start-ups

Bureaucratic hurdles ahead Brasilia. Brazil’s government is finally changing the rules to give foreign companies an equal shot at winning government contracts, the Economy Ministry said on Monday. Economy Minister Paulo Guedes has pledged to fight corruption and open up one of the world’s most protected countries to foreign business and the overseas investment necessary to modernize…
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