TV Gazeta de São Paulo modernizes its transmission operations with Dolphin and Marina from Pebble Beach Systems


TV Gazeta de São Paulo modernizes its transmission operations with Dolphin and Marina from Pebble Beach Systems

TV Gazeta

Solutions can guarantee migration from TV Gazeta’s legacy automation system

Pebble Beach Systems announced that the São Paulo television station, TV Gazeta, is modernizing its broadcasting operations with Dolphin, a compact and accessible integrated channel device and Marina, a centralized content management, ingest and multi-automation solution channel.

Migrating its legacy automation system, TV Gazeta decided to work with Pebble playout specialists to update the technology. With the implementation of this solution based on Marina and Dolphin, the broadcaster can easily migrate years of accumulated data from the database of its old system to a modern automation system that can adapt and grow as its requirements change.

Pebble Beach

Four Main Channels at TV Gazeta

TV Gazeta has four main channels that broadcast news, sports, entertainment and shopping programs, with a particular focus on the female audience. The new software-defined solution offers more flexibility for live programming and future channel expansions.

Videodata, a local reseller of Pebble Beach Systems, states the company’s statement “it was fundamental for this project to happen. Videodata implemented a flexible and intelligent migration strategy from the old system to Marina and Dolphin, which was designed to cause little or no disruption to TV Gazeta’s operations. Thanks to the similarity of the user interface, operators will be able to continue working normally without interruptions throughout the migration process ”.

First Color Television Broadcast in Brazil

“TV Gazeta, responsible for the first color television broadcast in Brazil, has a long reputation as a technology pioneer. When we decided to invest in modernizing the equipment and infrastructure of our transmission operations, we made sure to choose a technology that would take us to the next phase of growth. We conducted a full technology assessment, and chose to work with Videodata for its proven experience in the playout market and selected Pebble Beach Systems for its software-defined approach. The project also guarantees an easy transition to virtualized environments in the future and IP ”, commented David Verzolla, IT manager at TV Gazeta. A new year, a clearer view of the broadcast?


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