Is São Paulo’s Conservative Wave a Sign of Brazil’s Future?


Is São Paulo’s Conservative Wave a Sign of Brazil’s Future?

Bolsonaro Avenida Paulista


The massive demonstration on Avenida Paulista in support of former president Jair Bolsonaro has ignited debates about the direction of Brazilian politics. While some see the rally as an isolated outburst, others sense the momentum of a growing conservative movement – one that may be taking its strongest hold in the economically powerful state of São Paulo.

Economic Success Under Governor Tarcisio

Spearheading the conservative push in São Paulo is Governor Tarcisio de Freitas, a former Bolsonaro cabinet member often praised for his economic expertise. During his tenure, São Paulo has witnessed notable advancements in infrastructure and signs of sustained economic growth. This success has bolstered the appeal of conservative policy platforms, making São Paulo a bellwether state for Brazil’s broader political climate.

Bolsonaro at the demonstration

What’s Driving Conservative Momentum?

Several factors likely contribute to the rise of conservatism in São Paulo and Brazil more broadly. These include:

  • Disillusionment with the Left: Years of Workers’ Party (PT) rule have left some Brazilians disenchanted with perceived economic mismanagement and corruption scandals. Conservatives have seized on this sentiment.
  • Emphasis on Economic Prosperity: The focus on economic growth and infrastructural development resonates strongly with Brazilians desiring a better quality of life. Conservative policies align with this desire.
  • Appeal of Traditional Values: Conservative stands on social issues such as family values and opposition to what some see as progressive excesses strike a chord with some Brazilian voters.

Is São Paulo a Model for the Nation?

Whether São Paulo’s brand of conservatism will translate into broader national success is yet to be seen. Tarcisio’s policies may not be easily replicated in other Brazilian states with different socioeconomic conditions. The political left, though diminished, still wields considerable influence and is likely to mount a strong opposition.

Tarcisio de Freitas, govenor of São Paulo


The resurgence of conservatism across Brazil, fueled by São Paulo’s economic success and conservative leadership, marks a significant turning point in Brazilian politics. The next few years will be pivotal in determining if this conservative wave will shape Brazil’s future. The nation’s citizens will need to carefully weigh the benefits and drawbacks of this political shift as they decide their ultimate trajectory.


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