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The Philippines trying hard to lead in Banking and Finance Industries.

Forefront in SE Asia eyesonthephilippines Amsterdam, — June 24th 2024–Thinking about and trying to analyze the future of the banking and finance industry in the Philippines we can’t escape the thought that this particular industry is characterized by digital innovation, regulatory support, and a high, serious commitment to financial inclusion and sustainability. The integration of…
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Stimulation Fintech Developments in Brazil

CRUCIAL ROLE OF CENTRAL BANK eyesonbrasil Amsterdam, April 12, 2023– The Brazilian government and the Central Bank have facilitated the growth of FinTech by implementing new supporting laws and policies. FinTech is the use of technology for financial services and products in any financial field. In practice, this means that companies will provide their financial…
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FinTech and its Impact on Jobs and Investing

Wirecard’s crash in Germany shaded doubts about Fintech. Here Martin Zeman will explain the potential of FinTech and how it impacts future jobs and investments. FinTech’s impact on the traditional Financial Services The FinTech industry has uprooted the traditional financial services companies (banks, asset managers, wealth managers) since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Entrepreneurs can…
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Digital versus Phygital

Welcome to Digital Brazil

Crypto vs Phygital By Percival Jatobá * Amsterdam, May 5th 2021– With the accelerated conversion of the physical world with the digital one – phygital – it is natural and fascinating to follow the evolution of cryptocurrencies in recent years. The feeling is that the subject is multiplying, moving from the domain of experts in…
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