FinTech and its Impact on Jobs and Investing


FinTech and its Impact on Jobs and Investing


Wirecard’s crash in Germany shaded doubts about Fintech. Here Martin Zeman will explain the potential of FinTech and how it impacts future jobs and investments.

FinTech’s impact on the traditional Financial Services

The FinTech industry has uprooted the traditional financial services companies (banks, asset managers, wealth managers) since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). Entrepreneurs can today use their phones to launch a crowdfunding project for a product they haven’t started producing yet, set up easy mobile payments and international money transfers at a marginal cost.

Digital Platforms for FinTech

We can select from a multitude of new InsureTech platforms, transfer virtual money between cryptocurrency exchanges and manage our budgets via a simple budgeting app. The opportunity in the FinTech industry is transformative and touches us at every aspect of our life.

As opposed to the traditional finance industry which is shrinking, the power of innovation generates more and more companies in the space offering new cutting edge jobs and technology, as well as new interesting ways to invest.

How has FinTech changed your life?


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