Digicel’s undersea fiber optic cable, Deep Blue One, is now in service


Digicel’s undersea fiber optic cable, Deep Blue One, is now in service

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Digicel Group has commissioned its undersea fiber optic cable, Deep Blue One. This significant investment in international submarine capacity will greatly improve connectivity in the Caribbean and South America, particularly for French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago, Digicel announced in a press release.

Digicel’s advanced fiber optic network will provide seamless connectivity to the countries it serves, enabling uninterrupted communications and real-time data transmission. Deep Blue One also provides a valuable opportunity to connect offshore oil and gas platforms, supporting the region’s growing energy sector and fostering collaboration among key stakeholders in the oil and gas industry.

“Subsea fiber has long been the backbone of global connectivity and Deep Blue One will serve as a catalyst for the next wave of economic development in the region. At Digicel, our goal has always been to keep our customers connected to the people and things that matter most; economic development in the countries we serve is an important part of that. This is an exciting milestone for us and we are determined to unlock new growth opportunities and innovation in the region,” said Marcelo Cataldo, Chief Executive Officer of Digicel Group.

Deep Blue One’s redundant routes and advanced technology ensure reliability, optimal operational efficiency and minimal downtime, even in challenging environments, Digicel says. By using the latest technology, this submarine cable network is also designed to handle future growth and changing technology requirements, with scalability and flexibility to meet industry demands.

Moreover, as part of its commitment to minimize environmental impact, Digicel has prioritized sustainable practices in the construction of Deep Blue One while supporting the transition to a greener future. In addition to connectivity, Deep Blue One will bring with it a full economic ecosystem for all.

The link between increased connectivity and improved economic outcomes has long been proven. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) reports that a 10 percent increase in fixed broadband penetration can result in an increase of up to 2.3 percent in GDP per capita, while a 10 percent increase in mobile broadband penetration can result in an increase of up to 2.8 percent in GDP per capita.

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