Origins of Heart Problems in Children and Adolescents:


Origins of Heart Problems in Children and Adolescents:

Origens dos Problemas Cardíacos em Crianças e Adolescentes: Prevenção e Conscientização

Prevention and Awareness


Heart disease knows no age, and it is essential that we pay attention to the cardiovascular health of our children and adolescents. In this article, we’ll explore the risk factors and origins of these problems, as well as the importance of prevention. Let’s dive into this inspiring journey!

1. Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Childhood

Systemic arterial hypertension (SAH) is one of the main risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Early detection and treatment of hypertension in childhood can have a significant impact on future outcomes. In addition, obesity and hypertension are linked, and obese children are more likely to become obese adults with high cardiovascular risk⁶.

2. Sedentary behavior and eating habits

A sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits also play a crucial role. Physically active children and adolescents have a lower cardiometabolic risk. Therefore, encouraging an active lifestyle from an early age can reduce the incidence of obesity and cardiovascular disease in adulthood⁷.

3. Congenital and Acquired Heart Disease

Cardiopathies can be congenital (malformations in the structure of the heart that occur during fetal development) or acquired. Complications during pregnancy, such as rubella infections or the use of certain medications, can also contribute to these problems⁴.

4. Symptoms and Warnings

An American study has revealed that children and adolescents are more likely to die from heart disease than adults today. Poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle and hereditary factors are among the causes. It is essential to look out for symptoms such as palpitations, tiredness and dizziness and seek medical attention when necessary.

Conclusion: Prevention and Education

The UK is taking important steps by installing defibrillators in all schools. Brazil can follow suit, but it must also invest in cardiovascular health education from an early age. Together, we can protect the hearts of future generations and inspire a healthy life for all! 💙🌟

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