Unprecedented action in Brazil, the first special maneuver in the new Evolution Basin in the Itajaí Port Complex was successfully carried out.


Unprecedented action in Brazil, the first special maneuver in the new Evolution Basin in the Itajaí Port Complex was successfully carried out.

Porto Itajaí

300-meter ship completed the test in 1 hour and 40 minutes.

The morning of This Thursday, 16 January, it will be historic for the port sector of Itajaí.

All because the Special Maneuver with the ship "Value" of 300 meters long by 48.3 meters wide (mouth), in the new Evolution Basin, it was successfully carried out.

As programmed by Superintendence of the Port of Itajaí (Port Authority), together with the Police Station of the Captaincy of ports of Itajaí (Navy), Praticagem, Terminals (APMT and PORTONAVE), and tug companies, the maneuver had its start in the cradle 02 of Portonave, undocking at 10 a.m. From was towed and went backwards to the basin area, following the 180º rotation of the maneuver and later ending the entire activity.

The Superintendent of the Port of Itajaí, Engº Marcelo Werner Salles, closely followed the whole maneuver and celebrated by the realization of the complex port of Itajaí be receiving large ships:

"For us this was a historical milestone, not only because it was the first maneuver in the Evolution Basin, but by the novelty in South America, to make a maneuver the are, where the vessel runs out of machines and the tugs effectively drive it to the basin area. This is an operation that several ports in Europe but it is the first time it has been done in Brazil. This maneuver is part of a set of actions we are doing to make the infrastructure of the port complex of Itajaí can reach and serve the ships called mega ships, ships up to 350 meters long", he celebrates.

The time understood for this action had been scheduled between 10:00 and 15:00 hours (Preamar period – tide but the maneuver was expected to occur between 10 and 11 hours, and an hour by the maritime (Navy) and port authorities (Porto of Itajaí).

With the action of the maneuver, the access to the Itajaí Port Complex has been banned and all the maneuver provided its undocking until the spin lasted a time of 1h40 minutes. By passing through the ferry boat, the crossings had already been cleared and all the movements of route by ferry between Itajaí and Navegantes occurred moderately. Both in the Area of Marina Itajaí and fishing fleet that uses the Itajaí Açú River to returned to normal with their activities.

Weather conditions collaborated for the maneuver favoring the navigation activity. In land area, this operation was supported by the company that manages ferry boat crossings between Itajaí and Navegantes (NGI Sul) and Traffic Coordination (Codetran), to organize the road system in the vicinity of the entrance of the gates of the crossing service. Port Guard inspectors were also accompanying the work of manoeuvre and were situated facing the gates company, in Itajaí and Navegantes, to provide security during the period.

The Acting Mayor, Marcelo Sodré, also closely monitored the activity of the maneuver and was enthusiastic about the potential that Itajaí will have in the ensuring positive trade expectations:

"It was fabulous to see the ship make the Cute. This maneuver placed Itajaí in the national and international scenario of port competition, ensuring the future of our city. Also but have solutions like this to ensure the city's economy, both the port itajaí, as the port of Navegantes, and other upstream terminals, which do not could receive large ships, we would all be doomed to a very short future, and is even unable to expand this activity", highlighted Sodré.

The ship "Value" belongs to the Shipowner Evergreen (flag of Malta). Coming from the Port of Rio Grande (RS), it docked to the 17:30 hours in the cradle 02 of the Portonave terminal, this Wednesday (15). After the closure of the maneuver, he followed his maritime destination to the port of Paranaguá (PR).

"Undoubtedly the maneuver was a success, the result of the involvement of all a teamwork that has been developed for many years. To Porto of Itajaí this is paramount, since it opens up opportunity for ships to get into the complex and with that we have new opportunities commercial," daniel commented Belizário, Commercial Manager of APM Terminals de Itajaí.

Next Monday, 20, a new meeting with members of the Superintendence of the Port of Itajaí, Police Station of the Captaincy of ports of Itajaí (Navy), Praticagem, Port Terminals (APMT and PORTONAVE), and tug companies, including others involved, to discuss all this action of the first maneuver.

Initially for the maneuvers experimental measures in the Evolution Basin, vessels (vessels) will be used, which have already been operate in our complex, and which will successively be replaced by larger size. Five more special maneuvers are planned with up to 306 meters in the new Evolution Basin.

"More than waiting, we all prepare for that moment. I believe it was a very interesting job of the port authority, Navy, of the practical, all resources were employed and when one has a good planning, the result is very good, so it was an excellent result, because the life follows and we have ahead a much better prospect for the next few years in relation to port movement", analyzes Osmari de Castilho Ribas, Managing Director of Portonave (Port Terminal of Navigators).

In June 2019, the Municipality of Itajaí, together with the Superintendence of the Port of Itajaí, and company Van Oord (specialized in dredging and hired to complete the first stage of the Basin works), carried out the signature of the contractual additive in the value of R$ 40.1 million, whose participation of Portonave in collaborating with investments was in the order of R$ 5.5 million for the transport of Draga Backhoe to the site of the basin.

The additive was necessary in a emergency, as the works of the basin began in March 2016, and at the end of the contract, the State Government closed its work by claiming that it was no longer additives can be made to complete the work. The contract scored the withdrawal of almost 3 million cubic meters of waste from the bottom of the river, and that when that volume was achieved, the company and the State considered the work by Closed.

After financial contribution, the works accelerated pace ending the first stage in September of the year Past. The Evolution Basin comprises 500 meters in diameter and depth of 14.00 meters.

The Itajaí Port Complex is second largest in container operations in Brazil, representing almost 4% of the brazilian trade balance and 60% of the products produced in Santa Catarina. All these statistics are true and contribute to success with the exports and imports on the international market.

"Shipowners' companies have conducted economic studies with the Local Port Complex, and highlighted that in Itajaí, of each container that enters the complex, is left in our economic activity, in our city of Itajaí and Navegantes, R$1,600.00. If we move 100,000 containers, that we're already moving, it's an injection of resources of 160 million per month in our activity, that is: almost three billion in our cities. For this is extremely important to maintain the timeliness of the infrastructure of the Port of Itajaí so that we can keep our operations at a pace increasing," concludes Marcelo Werner Salles.


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