Brazil’s Importance in World Trade has increased steadily in recent years


Brazil’s Importance in World Trade has increased steadily in recent years

Brazil Importance World Trade

Hamburg, Germany 2020 . Political stability, numerous mineral resources and sustainable economic growth, which has led to a significant increase in domestic demand, have also led to an appreciation of the country in the global transport and logistics market.
Brazil is an important trading partner for the northern European seaports of Antwerp, Rotterdam, Bremerhaven and Hamburg.

Hamburg’s Most Important Trading Partner in South America

Approximately 80% of European container traffic with Brazil is shipped via the northern range. Brazil also plays an increasingly important role as the most important trading partner in South America for the Port of Hamburg. With a volume of 230,000 TEU (2011), Brazil is now tenth in the list of the most important trading partners.

Sea-Side Foreign Trade with Hamburg, Germany

Foreign Trade with the Port of Hamburg

The present study provides an overview of the current political and economic situation in Brazil, its transport and logistics market and sea-side foreign trade. The potential of Brazil for the port of Hamburg is assessed on the basis of current developments and forecasts. The study concludes with recommendations for realizing this potential.
We would like to provide a guide for the logistics industry in the Hamburg metropolitan region and give suggestions for future use of the Brazilian market. Our wish is that this contributes to the continued successful development of trade relationships.
Hamburg, January 2020
Claudia Roller CEO
Port of Hamburg Marketing e. V


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