Gustavo Diniz Junqueira: Letter to Agro


Gustavo Diniz Junqueira: Letter to Agro

Gustavo Diniz Junqueira Secretário Agro São Paulo

Two and a half years ago, I received the illustrious invitation to be the secretary of the Secretary of Agriculture and Supply of the State of São Paulo. At that time, I set out my vision of how I would work for the development of the state, based on the agribusiness ecosystem and founded on a liberal school, in order to position it as a reference in innovation, security, and sustainability.

I believe that it is necessary to transform and modernize public management, focusing on the efficiency of the services that are the state’s responsibility and on ensuring the leadership and protagonism of the private sector. These guidelines were included in the government program and have been followed throughout this period, with projects for digital transformation, integration and strengthening of research institutes, modernization of the agricultural defense, training, improvement of infrastructure in the field, creation
It was possible to repeal more than 450 obsolete acts. One of the main actions was a new vision on the environmental issue: the continuous search for efficient agricultural production and effective environmental protection. This, without a doubt, is a permanent job, but the foundations – which institute the environmental program we call Agro Legal – have already been laid.

Another relevant theme was to create a 100% private alternative for the supply situation in the state of São Paulo: the AgroSP platform, which paves digital alternatives to supply, connecting buyers and sellers, besides several other emergency actions to monitor and guarantee supply during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We redesigned the Secretariat’s mission, vision, and values. From this, a long-term program was thought, leading to the construction of “Cidadania no Campo 2030”, which brings clear guidelines and strategies for public policies aimed at the countryside. Some examples of such policies are the More Management, More Income Program, which promotes the integration of small and medium-sized producers with the modern productive chains of agro, bringing a new vision on the performance of the rural extension and technical assistance areas; the Rural Routes Program, which promotes the addressing of rural properties and also includes the former Better Way, to improve roads; the Agro Municipality Program, which takes an integrated agenda to municipal planning and generates a meritocratic ranking of the municipalities; the Green Basket program, which supports small producers of fruit, vegetables and legumes, by means of the flow of production, and the vulnerable population, which receives these foods; and the new law of the Inspection Service of Animal Products of Origin of the State of São Paulo (SISP), which separates the inspection and supervision activities so that the state can focus on monitoring and supervising the activities, ensuring greater healthiness and safety of food. Research was also reorganized and strengthened, always with the solution of problems in mind.

This long-term vision and integration of planned actions and policies is the future of public management. And, thanks to the trust of governor João Doria and an excellent team of engaged and prepared public servants, I had the opportunity to start this work. I am and will be eternally grateful! To my successor, I wish success in this trajectory to lead the transformation and modernization of the Secretary of Agriculture.

Finally, I leave here my sincere gratitude to the entire agribusiness sector and the certainty that I will take all the lessons learned to my new mission, in the economic recovery of the state, as president of the São Paulo Investment and Competitiveness Promotion Agency

Count on me!

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